Network Optimization

Use your data to determine where your inventory and assets need to be with the service level your customer expect.

Inventory Optimization

Find the right inventory placement based on your budget and locations.

Edon Connect Optimization


Bring the network, inventory and demand models together and simulate the cost and service level probablities.

Demand Analyzer

Discover signals from your historical order data or build what-if demand models with the demand analyzer.

Edon Connect Analysis


We will automate all of your replenishment orders according to your orders and inventory levels.


We can help your order fulfillment and routing or assist you in integrating with your current system.

Edon Connect Operations

Evaluation Dashboard

Make sure that your supply chain is working as expected. If not, find out why and possible corrective actions.


Some organizations need help moving through the changes. Edon Connect has been through the challenges of change and will help you transition your organization.

Edon Connect Consulting