Our Mission

Edon Connect builds a predictable same day delivery supply chain that delights the customer. We are helping companies that have supply chain needs that require same day service within an inventory budget. The Edon Connect platform provides the tools and connections to drive the new forward deployed same day supply chain.

Glenn Caudill

Edon Connect – CEO

Glenn has led the development, deployment and execution of corporate strategy in multiple industries around the world.  He was a member of leadership councils for global companies driving the strategy of Revenue Growth, Margin Expansion, Customer Delight and Employee Engagement.  He has been successful in driving the execution of business strategy throughout all levels of an organization.

Glenn was a founder and CEO of Intelligent Logistics System that provided autonomous warehouse technology. He saw the company through a successful exit to a national multi-billion-dollar REIT. At Warehouse Anywhere Glenn was the Executive Vice President and Board Member. The company has grown to have hundreds of warehouse across the United States running on technology that Glenn originally developed.

Glenn’s goal is to connect the supply chain with processes and technology that drives down cost and improves service.

Leadership Experience

Edon Connect – CEO

Warehouse Anywhere – EVP

Intelligent Logistic Systems – CEO & Co-founder

Caudill & Associates – Lead Partner

NCR – Global VP of Continuous Improvement

Bank of America – Global Productivity

Delta Airlines – Master Blackbelt Lean Six Sigma

FedEx – Sr. Manager Courier, Sorting, Dispatch

Business Experience

Product and Technology Development

Strategy and Process Improvement

Revenue Growth and Margin Expansion

Customer Delight

Employee Engagement

Key Projects
  • Pick-up optimization
  • Reduce cycle time 40%
Delta Airlines
  • Airport simulation
  • Increase freight throughput
  • Reduced cost 30%
Bank of America
  • LaSalle Bank commercial product integration
  • $100M cost reduction
  • Global Cost Reduction
  • Inventory Optimization
  • $54M cost savings
Caudill & Associates
  • Manufacturing capacity increase 10%
  • Hospital Cardiology lab
    • Increased scans by 50%
    • No increased costs
    • Decrease patient wait time by 60 minutes
Edon Connect
  • Created the forward deployed Supply Chain Platform