Forward Deployed Inventory

Forward Deployed Inventory Planning, Optimization, Implementation and Operational Services

Edon Connect will assist you in meeting your most demanding service levels with your toughest clients. We specialize in tailoring parts delivery systems to align with your budget and service requirements.

Edon Connect Three Step Process



Leverage AI & Machine Learning algorithms to determine the best locations for your products/inventory with the service level that your customers demand.


Test the Plan

Run hypothesis test and simulations that bounce your plan against millions of possible outcomes in order to foresee the stability, capability, and reliability of your plan.


The Right Partners

Let Edon Connect fill in the gaps; connecting you with facilities and service providers that fit your requirements and allow for seamless execution of you validated plan.

Industries Served

Edon Connect

If you’re facing a demanding same-day service requirement from your clients, partner with Edon Connect. We offer a complimentary market analysis with no obligation, ensuring your needs are met effectively.

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